Small Steps Good Grades – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1) If I sign up in Dec 2020, the subscription will end in Nov 2021?

Ans : The subscription will end on the exact date of the following year. If subscription starts on 1Dec20, then the subscription will end on 1Dec21.

Q2) Does the quiz at the end of each lesson include open ended questions or MCQs only ? Will this program teaches the students to use the right terms and key phrases for their written answers?

Ans: This resource is mainly built for concepts learning and application. Yes, the program includes key words/phrases and common questions applications of different science concepts in exams.โœ…

For open-ended questions, there are a lot of short videos that Mrs Hannah Chew dissect common TYS and exam questions. She also share intensively on our SUPER answering technique. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This resource is a very good supplement to any science tuition program. All on-site science students have to sign up for this on top of their physical classes with HannahTuition.

Q3) Will all the lessons be available at the start for the student to go through at her own pace ? Or are the lessons released weekly at a predetermined date / time ?

Ans: All syllabus lessons and revision lessons will be available at the start. However, there will be several lessons of exam questions that will only be available when the student has completed all lessons in that course. This is because the exam questions have questions from all topics.

Weekly lesson links will be sent via WhatsApp for students to attempt. Students can log in daily to do their revision too.

Q4) What is the format of each lesson? Is it a recording of a teacher talking through the science topics and concepts ? Or fully animated etc ?

Ans: Each micro-lesson of notes and interactive quiz (matching, fill in the blank, MCQ questions and some swiping games). Each micro-lesson will usually take 30 -45 mins to complete. We do have students spending 1.5hr on each micro-lesson because they take notes while going through the micro-lessons.

There are voice recordings and many short videos (less than 20mins) focusing on open-ended questions and application questions.

Please watch the demo video below to have a better understanding of the program.

Hannahtuition believe that It is NOT ONLY about understanding the concepts but remembering them as well. Remembering the concepts is the foundation before the rest of the proficiencies can be built on.

Secondary science, unlike primary science, has more breadth and hence most students can not do well because they are simply not familiar with concepts and applications when they go for their exams.

Students usually don’t get more than 85% in their first lesson attempt. Students are reminded to redo the lessons until they get more than 85% ๐Ÿ˜Š And lessons below 85% will be flagged out in the monthly report sent to parents and students.

Q5) Are there live zoom lessons?

Look out for my adhoc zoom lessons, focusing on answering techniques. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The timing and dates will be communicated to students via Whatsapp 2 to 3 weeks in advance. They are offered at a goodwill rate ($7.50) to members of small steps community. (Please note these zoom lessons are not part of Small Steps Good Grades Course and they are run on ad-hoc basis)

Q6) Is this program suitable for IP?

IP students will be given access to Sec 1 to Sec 4 topics. I have many IP students on this program because they can access the upper secondary science topics which are tested in their lower secondary tests and examinations.

It is a 12-month subscription hence students can revise topics during school holidays or attempt next year topics.

Q7) Can this program be shared between siblings?

I am sorry that ID and PW can’t be shared with siblings/friends. Multiple access attempting lessons from different levels will be denied. The monthly report will be inaccurate too.

There will be a sibling discount of $25 for siblings subscription.

Q8) Do all the micro lessons have videos?

No but most of the micro lessons do have short videos attached. These short videos ranged from 5 min to 25 min in length. The main selling point of this program are the interactive quizzes that were designed to train students to memorize the massive science syllabus in secondary school.

Thank you!
Please let me know if you have further questions.

I’m sorry that there is no trial for this online program. Marketing of this online program is not our priority. This program was initially developed for our own science students.
Due to very good feedbacks, we decided to also launch it for all. However, the main idea was to do good in the marketplace by providing some affordable online program and homework help for students who do not have the time or finances for tuition.

Please do watch this video before payment.