HannahTuition’s commitment to innovation and good grades led us to create this online program

Small Steps, Good Grades is an online self-directed learning program.
We understand that secondary students still need some help to be more focused and discipline. Hence, part of this program includes light-touch hand-holding from our admin staffs.

Mobile/ Web app program (G2 and G3)

What students on Small Steps Good Grades say?

Low price point with a human touch

On top of micro-lessons designed to train students on active recall of their science concepts, students can send us science questions when they are in doubt too.

One-time payment of $250 (1 year subscription)

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  • Consistent small steps lead to great success
  • Affordable rate of S$ 21 per month
  • Safe space to ask questions and build foundations

The blue interactive screens are exactly what students see in the program.

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  • Join us if you believe, like our founder, that small steps lead to big successes. Remember SG is not built in a day. But look at where we are now! 😎
  • Plus, enjoy more than just priority access to on-site classes— Hannahtuition’s on-site small group classes? They’re like concert tickets—they sell out fast!!
  • Don’t miss out—our Small Steps Good Grades program students get priority because they believe in the power of consistent, incremental progress.

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“The Small Steps for Good Foundation Program set up by Mrs Chew is amazing and extremely helpful. Not only does it provides me the opportunity to learn anywhere, one lesson is also short and manageable to complete. From the lesson packages of different chapters, i am able to understand more in depth and revise on many different chapters that i was unsure and not confident of.

It also provides quizzes which allows me to apply what i have learnt from the lesson packages overall helping me understand and love the subject more.
I am extremely grateful for this wonderful program Mrs Chew. Thank you!”


Hai Sing Catholic School

Small Steps Good Grades GCE Secondary Science Online Program

Instant notes

Consist of more than 100 lessons per course/level. The lessons includes precise notes and interactive quiz in each 20-30min lesson. Students save at least 20-30 hours in writing their own notes! Not only that, the students will have these notes in their pockets and can refer to them anytime! (These are the same notes/tips used by Hannahtuition top scorers over the past few years)

Train active recall of concepts, key phrases

Pinpoint exactly where your child needs help in different topics. Students need to retake the bite-sized lessons until they score 85%.

These micro lessons are specially formulated to enable students to REMEMBER key topic concepts/formulas/key phrases! Understanding concept is not enough, students must remember them and apply them to questions! (Once foundation knowledge is built, students will find it easier to solve higher-order thinking questions!)


Hannah Edtech team will track students’ learning progress and send a monthly report to parents and students (via watsapp/email).

Learn SUPER answering technique for OEQs

Short videos to teach students to dissect open-ended questions using Hannahtuition SUPER* answering technique. Open-ended questions from GCE Olevels or TOP school examinations papers will be used. These videos show how Hannahtuition SUPER* technique should be applied to different open-ended questions. We believe these videos will be extremely useful for students who tend to lose their marks in open-ended questions.


Real rewards like Grabfood vouchers / Popular bookstores vouchers will be sent to the student who did well in school WAs/EOY exams.


Exam questions (paraphased) from various schools are embedded in these bite-sized lessons.

We also have crash course zoom lessons before exams at a good-will price of $15/lesson. 😐

Outside the Small Steps Good Grades Community? Each zoom lesson is $55.

Hannah Tuition Zoom Crash Course

“My gal tried the Small Steps for Good Grades program while revising for O levels recently and found it effective and helpful in learning.
As it is topic by topic, she can choose to work on her weaker areas anytime with her phone. She can also review the notes instantly to learn from her mistakes. Personally I find it a good app for teens as it puts their usual phone time to good use.”

Mum of ZhiYi

Yishun Town Secondary School

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Please watch this detailed demo video before making payment. 🙂